Customer's Feedback

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"First time ordering from this shop. Pricing is not the lowest. But it’s definitely worth it for my fur baby. I would totally recommend this to my friends with furbabies. Mine enjoyed the cake like a super greedy boy. After sale service was good with follow ups by the shop. Really appreciate it."

— Kenneth

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"Ordered a birthday cupcake for my furkid. The ordering process was easy and the following up service was great! Loved the packaging and I'm sure my furkid loved the cake as he finished it in 2 big mouths. Highly recommended if you are looking for something lovely for your little furry ones."

— Rhys

"Ordered a cake for my pup’s first birthday and love the option of standard head design and being able to customise it the color I want! My pup also finished a slice of the cake in one sitting"

— Sok

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"Really great experience with them! Celebrated my pup first birthday and she loves the cake! It looks and smells like our normal cake! It’s so beautiful my fur kid face is customised on it! Looks very similar too! Thanks so much for the happy experience!"

— Acme

"I carefully explained that this is my first time ordering and that it's going to be a surprise gift for a cancer dog. Joanne is very compassionate and has been very patient and sweet throughout the whole selection and discussion of the pupcakes ordering process with me. I was really touched by her sincerity. On the day of the delivery she also update me pictures of the pupcakes before sending it out. Both owners and me tear up at how beautiful the pupcakes turn out. And most importantly Pepper really enjoyed the pupcake too !  He gobbled it up happily. Thank you so much to Petissier team❤ I will definitely buy again from Petissier. I highly recommend it to everybody!!!"

— Adrielle

"Bought my dog’s first bday cake frm them and it looks so cute! Customisation was accurate to picture and lovely,, cake was deemed delicious by my dog as well"

— Cheryl

"Petissier made Hachi’s first birthday a success! Very happy with the cake, it looked super delicious and Hachi totally savoured every last bit of it! Would definitely recommend if you’re looking for a cake for you dog!"

— Celeste

"Petissier came to our rescue after Aloha’s perfectly baked birthday cake was damaged during transport. We couldn’t bear to let Aloha celebrate his 1st birthday with a damaged cake, so we tried our luck to find a new supplier who can accommodate our request last minute. Petissier helped us, and delivered the most gorgeous cake ever within less than 24 hours! We were surprised that the design looked exactly like Aloha! The cake looked delicious! It didn’t have a strong smell, but it was a sure hit to Aloha and his friends! 3 days later, we ordered another cake for Aloha to bring and share with his friends at school. We’ll always be grateful to Petissier for going out of their way to help us out, and make Aloha’s birthday extra special!"

— Maria

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"Thank you Petissier once again for baking such wonderful and delicious cake for our fur kids. Ordered once for mac during june on his birthday and we ordered once again now for cheese birthday. The portrait on the cake is so realistic that we couldn’t bare to cut the cake actually.. haha but overall thumbs up for the team for making this awesome cake and cupcakes! Thank you!"

— Eugene

"Ordered a cake that looks a lot like my dog, Kimchi, for his 7th birthday. Of all the cakes he had tried before, I would say Petissier's is his most favourite! Super satisfied with their service, delivery and product! Highly recommend and will purchase again"

— Yu

"Ordered Petissier for my dog 1st birthday and it was wonderful! My dog enjoyed it so much. Recommend to anyone who would like to buy a cake for their fur babies!"

— Yinghui


"My first time ordering a cake for pet dog. The cake looked beautiful and my dog seem to enjoy it. Service was good as they responded promptly to my email/text asking for change of colour of cake. Will definitely revisit the shop for future occasions."

— Cindy

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"Ordered a birthday cake for Ham, our fur baby from Petissier for the 1st time, and we were so impressed by the customised head drawing of Ham. Reasonable and affordable rates compared to other pet cakes we found online, and delivery and response was prompt. Ham also loved the cake and chomped down the entire thing in no time. Kudos to Petissier team for their skills and service, will definitely order again!!"



"Had a great experience where they gave a good sized 4 inch cake, its 2 layers! Also they were accommodating and delivered it early and promptly. Love the packaging too. Overall would recommend their services to ur pup :)"

— Jillian

"Highly Recommend Petisiser❤ They bake simply yummy cakes for your furry kids!! They make the cake just up to the perfection and make your furry kid Birthday more special"

— Leena's Flavours

"From the beginning of ordering the cake and picking it up it was a wonderful experience. They were very responsive to all of my requests and did a wonderful job with the execution of the cake. Sammy and Jewel celebrated their 2nd birthday with a customised cake from Petissier and they truly enjoyed it and ate all of it! I would definitely recommend Petussier for a wonderful quality cake"

— Jeannie


"I just ordered a cake for my dog for her 1st Birthday, she really loves the cake. I would strongly recommend to all the pawrents."

— Pauline

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"Got my dog her birthday cake from petissier and im so glad she loved it so much. I was worried she wouldnt want to eat it as she was a picky dog! They were very generous with the ingredients as they included ALOT of salmon in the cake. Will definitely come back to this shop if i ever need to get another pet friendly cake again"

— Winni


"This is my 1st time ordering for my rascal Reynar with Petissier. I am a very satisfied customer as I was amazed by the artwork of Reynar's face on the cake. At 1st I thought it was a printed photo but woah when I go nearer to the cake, it is not. It is hand drawn with the correct tone of the cream. The shop response is fast upon placing yr order n good service of following up. My Reynar finished up all the cake."

— Serena

"1st time ordering from petissier for my baby 1st birthday..super impressed with their artwork for the customised cake and they are willing to accommodate to my request of changing the design for another cake and adding a crown for my dog enjoyed the cake very much.. Will definitely ordered again from them"

— Janicia

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"Very impressed when we cut the cake because just like cakes for humans, Petissier made their pet-friendly cakes with layers!!! Definitely wow-ed us and our friends! Also love how Belle's fast was drawn on the cake, we love it so much!!! The dogs finished the cakes in seconds! Highly recommend getting your pet's next birthday cake from Petissier!! :)"

— Vivienne


"OMG the staff are very friendly and informative. They helped me to select the best for my senior Maltese. My doggo really love their cupcakes n cake … Unforgettable celebration Highly recommend to order from them"

— Stephanie


"Lovely cake for my beagle's bday and amazing service! I called the same day - last minute, they responded very quickly and helped me get a beautiful and (based on my dog's reaction afterwards) tasty cake! <3 Thank you."

— Viktoria


"1st time ordered from Petissier for our furbaby 1st birthday. We were wow-ed by the design of the cake and excited to see how Chanel savored it with enjoyment. Truly have enjoyed our celebration. Highly recommended Petissier."

— Connie


"Came across this company on the web while searching for a cake for my doggo birthday. Customer service was top notch and very efficient in getting my orders right! Quality cake too! Will definitely recommend :)"

— Jason