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  • Are you AVS Licensed ?
    Yes, we are AVS Licensed. Our kitchen has undergone stringent check by the authorities.
  • Can I visit your store ?
    Petissier is an online store. We do not have any available cakes for browsing or purchasing on site. Our physical address is strictly for picking up of cakes only. **All cakes have to be preordered min. 2 days in advance.
  • How to order ?
    Steps to placing an order with us: 1. Add items to cart. 2. Add in any special instructions, select your delivery/pickup time and date, and click 'Check Out'. 3. Enter your details so that we can contact you regarding the order if necessary. 4. Select your preferred payment method to make payment. 5. Confirm your order. And you're done! Cheers to making an order in 5 simple steps :)
  • How many day I need to order in advance ?
    All bakes and treats are made-to-order to unsure that your pooch receives a fresh cake/pupcake! All orders will have to be placed and confirmed MINIMUM 2 DAYS (48hrs) before that date needed for the order. We reserve all rights to cancel any orders placed past lead time. However, all slots will be subjected to availability. We strongly encourage our customers to place your orders early to secure a slot for your desired date! For any urgent orders, kindly Contact us directly and we will try our best to assist you :)
  • I already placed my order, how can I know if it is confirmed ?
    If your order was successfully placed, you will receive an automated email confirmation from us within the day. If you don't receive it (and it's not in your spam mail either), please feel free to get in touch with us to check whether we have received it on our end.
  • Disclaimer on artwork
    All cakes, coloured frosting and designs are done by hand. Design of cakes/pupcakes may vary slightly as they are done manually. Standard head - Standard pawtraits are drawn manually and may vary slightly from reference. Minor alterations to colours are allowed. Alterations to change the design and colour completely will be considered as customised. ** Our staff reserve all rights to reject any alteration request. ** No refunds will be made for any free alteration requests if they are not up to spec. Customised head - Customised pawtraits are drawn based on your pet's photo. Our artists will have it drawn as similar as possible to the best of their abilities. Do take note that customised pawtraits IS NOT a printed replica as they are all hand drawn. Do let us know in advance if there are any specific details that we should take note of. ** Kindly send in photos with a clear view of your pet's face with accurate colours. (no filters, good lighting, etc.) ** No refund or changes will be made if pawtrait is misdrawn due to bad photo quality.
  • What are the ingredients used for the cakes and cupcakes ?
    At Petissier, we strive to build beautiful cakes for your furkids. Our cakes are constructed to resemble a human cake with 3 layers of sugarless chiffon cake and 2 layers of selected filling with soy frosting. Our bakers have specially curated a recipe made from only pet friendly ingredients. Ingredients: Sugarless chiffon: Eggs, Rice flour, Corn flour, Vegetable oil, Goat milk powder Frosting: Cream cheese, Tofu
  • Filling options
    In our cakes, we selected canned wet food. We believe in canned meat for cakes for a few reasons. Firstly, canned meat contains a perfect blend of nutrition for your furkid to have a balanced diet. Secondly, canned meat has already been sterilized. This lets us ensure that all meat that we use are of consistent quality as well as completely free of any pathogens or parasites. Lastly, due to the sterilization in the canning process, this allows our customers to store their cakes for a longer time safely. All our canned wet food are sourced from trusted renown suppliers. ProBalance: Beef, Lamb ProDiet: Tuna, Ocean Fish If you'd prefer your pet to have a non-canned food diet, kindly pick our salmon, chicken or apple option. Our fresh proteins will be poached upon order. Apples will be slightly poached in light honey.
  • Are the lovely cake colors safe for my furkid ?
    We use a range of high-quality human grade food colourings to achieve our bright colours. Our colours are achieved with a mixture of vegetable/plant base powders and gel food colourings.
  • Are you able to do orders with Special Dietary Needs for Dogs and Cats ?
    Unfortunately, we are unable to cater to every kind of diet... The ingredients used in our chiffon cake layers and frosting will be fixed to ensure that the recipe is stable for the cake construction. Changes to recipe might result in a failed cake. Contact us if you have any queries!
  • Cake weight and sizes
    Pupcakes: -5.5cm cupcake size Cakes: -4 inch (est. 500g) -6 inch (est. 1.4kg) * Weight might vary depending on design kindly whatsapp 96970053 (operating hours: 10am-6pm) if you require any assistance.
  • What is the shelf-life of the products ?
    We recommend all our furry customers to consume their cake/pupcake on the day of receiving for the best aesthetic and cake quality. All cakes/pupcakes can be stored in the chiller for up to 2 days. Do not store the cake in the freezer as that will cause cracks on the frosting. We advise our customers to purchase the correct portion to avoid having leftovers.
  • Should I served the cake chilled or warmed?
    Our cakes and pupcakes are to be served chilled (like an actual cake!). Thaw the cake/pupcake in room temperature for 15-20mins before serving your pet. If you prefer to heat up the cake/pupcake, you may heat it up in microwave in 10-15 seconds intervals until desired temperature after portioning . Once thawed/heated up, please consume the cakes immediately, do not store it and keep it for a later time. This is to avoid bacteria growth.
  • How do I select date for Pick up/ Delivery ?
    Your pup's birthday is coming up and you would like to check whether we can deliver the goodies ordered on a particular date. We get that, which is why we have a date type in box on our shopping cart page. Simply click the 'Add to cart' button for any item that you're interested in purchasing (don't worry, clicking the button would not immediately confirm your order, so click away!), and you will be directed to the shopping cart page where you can input type in your preferred delivery dates and times.
  • What are the accepted mode of payment ?
    Credit/debit card information is always encrypted on our end and we can only see the last four digits of the card number for verification purposes, so fret not as no sensitive data is stored on our servers. We also choose to only work with secured payment gateway providers. For in store transactions, we accept Paynow, Paylah or Cash.
  • What are the delivery and or collection service available ?
    Self Collection: You can collect the cake direct from our shop at 253 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427507 Our collection hours are from 11 am to 6 pm, Monday to Sunday. ​ Standard delivery : Delivery (10am-4pm, no fixed slots) Standard delivery to Residential address only @ $15/per location Standard delivery to special locations (malls, restaurants, hotels, offshore islands, etc) @ $20 **Our sales team will contact you if there are further charges (depending on location) ​ PH and special occasion delivery: Delivery (10am-4pm, no fixed slots) Holiday delivery to Residential address only @ $20/per location Holiday delivery to special locations (malls, restaurants, hotels, offshore islands, etc) @ $25 **Our sales team will contact you if there are further charges (depending on location)
  • Can I cancel / change my order ?
    All confirmed orders cannot be cancelled. Postponing of orders is allowed minimum 48hrs (2 days) before the original date of receive. Have to be notified before 2pm. Postponing or changes to order colour/name, etc. will be $10. We will reserve all rights to not approve of the changes. Please contact our friendly Sales personnel , whatsapp sales 1 or sales 2
  • What if the delivery is unsuccessful , will there be charges ?
    Changes from self-collection to delivery will be subjected to the availability of slots. Regular delivery charges and surcharges will be applied. The recipient of the cake is responsible for checking that the order specifications of the cake (including provisions of knives, candles, wording, decorations) are correct and in good condition. Any defect or incorrect item(s) must be raised to the delivery man (for deliveries) so rectification can be made. We will not be liable for any error or damage after delivery is completed. A strict 10-minute waiting time applies for every delivery. If there is no one present to receive the order during the delivery, we will attempt to call the number provided. If acknowledge by customer the driver may leave the items at an agreed location (such as in front of the door -- only applicable if there is access to the apartment/office). We will not be responsible for the conditions of these items. However, if the driver is unable to contact the recipient, the order will be disposed and deemed as completed. Our delivery provider cannot be held liable for reasonable delay due to factors beyond our control (e.g., unexpected traffic conditions.) Our delivery provider reserves the right to reject the delivery to restricted areas (including road blocks).
  • What if the cake is damaged upon received ?
    Please check all cakes before acceptance from shop or driver damaged is in it's appearance physically. Please take pics to informed the shop or driver on the spot . If the taste is bad or you like to reject the cake, it is ok , please do not further consume the cake , take a pics and contact sales immediately . we will collect the cake back and arrange for replacement on the same day .
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